Comprehensive Plan

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2017-2019 Plan Update

The Planning Commission, with assistance from the Berkley Group and staff, worked toward preparation of a new Comprehensive Plan for over two years beginning with a kickoff meeting in March 2017.  Community workshops were held in May and September of 2017 with a survey being administered in between in July-August.  Throughout the remainder of 2017 and throughout 2018, the Commission studied data related to the Plan and began reviewing and revising different draft elements of what would become the Plan’s chapters.   

Beginning in February 2019 and the months following, the Commission reviewed and revised several iterations of the assembled draft Plan.  The Commission’s draft dated May 14 was posted for public review/comment and then presented during the Public Open House at The Hill School on May 29.

The Commission was committed to ensuring that the Plan reflected the desires of the community that were relayed during earlier public input sessions and surveys. Community participation and comments were welcomed and encouraged at multiple steps in the update process.  

The Commission held a public hearing on June 17 and subsequently directed some additional revisions to the draft Plan.  These revisions were incorporated into an updated draft dated July 15.  At its July 22 meeting, the Commission certified the July 15 draft Plan and forwarded it to the Town Council recommending adoption.    

The Council conducted review sessions on the Plan at its meetings on September 12 and 26.  Council also held its public hearing on the Plan at its meeting on September 26.  Council incorporated some edits of its own and subsequently adopted the Plan on October 10, 2019. 

Plan update steps
Date(s) Status
Kickoff Meeting
March 27, 2017
Community Workshop #1  (Community Center)
May 22, 2017
Online survey
July-August 2017
Community Workshop #2  (Community Center)
September 27, 2017
Commission studies, data analysis, begin drafting Plan elements
late 2017 through 2018
review & revise assembled Draft Plan
February - early May 2019
post Draft Plan to website and advertise for public review
May 15, 2019
Open House to present Draft Plan to public (The Hill School)
May 29, 2019
Planning Commission Public Hearing
June 17, 2019
additional revisions by Planning Commission
June-July 2019
Planning Commission certifies Plan and forwards to Council
July 22, 2019
Town Council review
Aug-Oct 2019
Town Council Public Hearing
September 26, 2019
Town Council adopts Plan
October 10, 2019

Community Workshop - May 2017

Community Workshop May 2017

Open House - May 2019

Open House May 2019