High Water Bill

Unusually high water bills are often caused by a leak or change in water use. The chart demonstrates how much water can be lost as a result of something as simple as a leaking water faucet.

Leaky Faucet ChartOther Causes of Leaks

  • Broken water pipe (including between the main and the meter)
  • Leaking/running toilet
  • Water Softener Problems

Potential Causes of Change of Use

  • Construction project that involves the use of water
  • Filling a swimming pool
  • Kids home from school/guests
  • An open outdoor spigot
  • Power washing your house/deck
  • Running the water to avoid freezing water pipes during cold weather
  • Water cooled air conditioners
  • Watering the lawn/landscaping

See the Potential Causes of High Water Bill Information Sheet (PDF).

When All Else Fails

Watch cat flushing a toilet.

What to Do if Your Bill Is Unusually High

Often the Town will detect unusually high water bills during the meter reading process. If we have not already contacted you about a high water bill, call us 540-687-5152 to schedule a re-read and/or meter check. We can also download your usage history for a 30 day period to help you detect the source (only if you have a newer meter) if the meter reading is determined to be accurate. As a reminder, property owners are responsible for all private water lines from the public main to, and inside, the residence.

If you identify a leak and have it repaired and if you provide proof of a repair within ten days of the discovery of the high water bill to the Town Treasurer, we can give you an adjustment on your bill (only one adjustment allowed in a 3 year period).