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Old Street Sign Request Form

  1. Old Street Name Signs

    The Town has an inventory of 138 old street name signs, and the Town plans to make those available (for a nominal price of $25) for those interested in owning a piece of history!

    We understand that there may be greater demand than supply, so the Town has developed a way to fairly offer these to the public.

    First priority is given to not-for-profits that own property on a particular street in Town. Second priority is for current owners, residents, or businesses on a particular street in Town (for example, if you live on Walnut Street, you could request a “Walnut Street” sign). Third priority is for former owners, residents, or businesses on a particular street. Fourth priority is for any owner, resident, or business in Town for a street other than their physical location (for example, you live on Martin Avenue but would like a “West Washington Street” sign). Fifth priority is for former owners, residents, or businesses for a street other than their physical location. And sixth priority is for all others in the greater Middleburg community.

    PLEASE NOTE that these are old, worn signs that have been exposed to the elements for decades and may be bent, slightly rusted, contain dirt, and have holes from mounting locations. The Town makes no guarantee of the condition of any given sign.

  2. Contact Information

    Please select the street name sign you wish to purchase (you may only select one). If the street name you wish is not listed, then the Town has no signs with that name available.


    I understand that the Town of Middleburg may require me to provide proof of current or former residency, ownership, or occupancy on a particular street in order to qualify to purchase a sign.

  5. Understand Cost of Sign*

    Please select the checkbox indicating that you understand the cost of the sign is $25 (if selected to purchase a sign).

  6. Additional Information

    Please note that the Town plans to let the public know by October 10th whether they have been selected to purchase a sign.

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