Snow Removal

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for the maintenance of all roads in Middleburg, including snow plowing operations. The Town does some snow plowing and removal to augment the State's services in severe weather.

Residents are kindly reminded that Washington Street (Route 50) is a snow emergency route. As such, parking is prohibited along that road in the event of a severe snowstorm.

VDOT's goal is to make all roads passable within 48 hours after a winter storm event ends. This does not mean that roads will be cleared "curb to curb" or "down to the asphalt". For additional information on tracking VDOT's progress during as well as after a storm, please visit .This website allows residents to view VDOT's mobilization plan for winter weather in greater detail and shows snow removal progress during and after a winter storm event. Additional questions regarding VDOT's plowing operations should be directed to VDOT's St. Louis Office at 540-687-6294.

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Removal of Snow & Ice from Sidewalks

Under Middleburg Town Code Section 91-9, it is the responsibility of owners/occupants of property in a commercially zoned district to remove snow and ice from the sidewalk within six hours after the snow has ceased to fall, unless it ceases during the night, in which case the snow must be removed by 12 noon the next day. In the event the snow falls on a Sunday, it must be removed by 12 noon the following Monday.

Please do your part to assure pedestrians can safely access your businesses!