• Several Black Hens Under a Chicken Wire Panel
  • 29 Brown Eggs in a Carton
  • Small Chick in an Incubator Among Other Eggs
  • Mural of a Fox Holding a a Basket Full of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Cartons of Farm Fresh Eggs and Vegetables
  • Cartons of Strawberries
  • Woman at a Booth with Several Baked Goods
  • A Both with Several Farm Fresh Goods Such as Honey, Radishes, and Beats
  • A Vendors Booth Selling Jams and Potholders
  • A Soap Vendors Booth at the Farmers Market
  • A Wooded Area in the Middle of a Flurrry of Snow
  • Pigs Walking in the Snow
  • A Cart Full of  Homemade Bath Bombs

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