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1000 Miglia Volunteer Application

  1. 1000 Miglia

    The Town of Middleburg is pleased to host the 1000 Miglia Warm Up USA on October 18-23, 2022. The Town was the host of this event in 2019, and it was a huge success with an incredible outpouring of community support.

    Please note that additional information  may be required of all volunteers, to include signing required waiver forms and release of liability of the 1000 Miglia SRL or the Town of Middleburg for all activities done in conjunction with the Warm-Up USA.

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  3. Volunteer Information

    Please note the different opportunities to volunteer with the 1000 Miglia Warm-Up USA:

  4. Technical Team

    This team will travel with the event (leaving from and returning to Middleburg each day) to assist with the regulatory time controls, driver/vehicle coordination, and parking assistance at various stopping points (such as Montpelier and Summit Point Motorsports Park). Volunteers on this team will need to be willing work in outdoor areas and under the supervision of local organizers.

    Ideally, these volunteers would be able to participate on all four days Wednesday – Saturday (October 19-22), for the practice day (Wednesday) and the three competition days (Thursday – Saturday). However, we would accept volunteers for individual days as well.

  5. Driver/Support Team

    This team will assist by driving organization vehicles and helping lead the event (such as, driving the route as a “pace” car), escort the management team to/from event locations, and providing general support.

    These volunteers must enjoy driving long hours and supporting the organization staff of the event. Similar to above, ideally these volunteers would be able to participate on Wednesday – Saturday (October 19-22), for the practice day (Wednesday) and the three competition days (Thursday – Saturday). 

    These volunteers must be at least 25 years old and able to provide proof of driver’s license and insurance.

  6. Town Events Team

    This team will be focused on activities and events occurring in the Town of Middleburg, specifically the downtown area of North and South Madison Street. Each morning, the 1000 Miglia will depart from near the “Pink Box” on North Madison Street, and volunteers are needed to assist with driver needs, crowd assistance, handing out flags, and any other event logistical support. The event will also depart on Friday and Saturday mornings, although the crowds are not expected to be as large.

     Ideally, this team would be available to assist:

    • Thursday, Oct. 20th – 7am-10am
    • Friday, Oct. 21st – 7am-9am; 4pm-9pm
    • Saturday, Oct. 22nd – 7am-9am (limited volunteers needed this morning)


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