Proposed Annexations/BLAs


The Town held a Public Info meeting on September 28, 2022. The video of the meeting is below.

The relevant documents from the meeting are available here:

At this time, it will be up to each property owner whether they choose to make a formal request for a BLA or not, and what form and scale that request may be. Furthermore, the Town Council will refer all future questions to each property owner/representative, as the Town has received no formal request or proposal to-date and will have no involvement until such a time that a formal request is made.

For further input and comments on these concepts, please contact:

Prior Update

The Town of Middleburg would like to thank those who have taken the time to provide public input on the two conceptual boundary line adjustments.  Your input has been invaluable in helping the Town understand the community input and identify issues that the potential applicant needs to consider should they choose to actually submit an application.  On April 19th, the Town committed to leave the input process open for at least 90 days and the formal online survey closed on July 31st.  Anyone who wishes to provide additional input may continue to do so by contacting the Town Clerk, Rhonda North, at (540) 687-5152 or  or by visiting the Town Office.  The public input that has been received to date can be found on the link below. We are also sending all the input to both property owners.

Next Steps - The Town Council will discuss the public input and results of the reports from Chmura Economics & Analytics and Urban Limited, the consultants hired by the Town to review the BLA concepts, once they have completed their analysis and are received. At that time, the Town will also hold a public information session to walk through the input and results of the study as we promised. The report will also be posted on this webpage and made available to the public.  It will also be forwarded to the property owners.  At that point, it will be up to those property owners to decide whether they wish to actually submit an application for a boundary line adjustment to the Town.  If they do, the Town will make the applications public.  Until such time as any applications are received, there is no further action for the Town to take, as again, no actual applications have ever been presented or submitted.

Again, we would like to thank the citizenry for sharing their input, thoughts and feedback on these very important issues.

Mayor & Council


The Town Council jointly authored a letter to the editor for the August 25, 2022 edition of the Middleburg Eccentric, which can be found here.

The Town has provided further information to clarify misstatements made by members of the public regarding the proposed BLAs and the process of receiving public input. The Town's information on providing Facts about the BLAs can be found here.


The Town of Middleburg has been approached by two property owners interested in annexation of their land or portions of their land into the Town through a process formally called a “Boundary Line Adjustment.” Before taking any formal steps, the Town Council feels it is important to present the details of the proposals to the Middleburg community, get input and feedback from residents, and answer any questions. 

The Town Council held a Public Information Session on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. The video of the meeting is posted below.

The Mayor's presentation is provided here as a PDF file. We'd also encourage you to download the full PowerPoint presentation to see the animation of maps/graphics (requires Microsoft PowerPoint).

Maps presented in the presentation:

While the online survey is no longer available, you may provide input by:

- Emailing the Town Clerk

- Calling her at 540-687-5152

-Visiting her at the Town Office

- Attending a Town Council Meeting (2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6pm)  and speaking under Public Comment

Frequently Asked Questions and Public Comments Received 

The Town has published a Frequently Asked Questions document (link to PDF) which is also available on this separate webpage. These FAQs will be updated weekly, if new questions are received.

In addition, the Town is publishing the Public Comments received each week. Please click this link for the latest version of PUBLIC COMMENTS RECEIVED TO DATE (will be updated weekly on Fridays).

Boundary Line Adjustment Process

The Town Attorney provided a brief overview and presentation of the Boundary Line Adjustment Process at the May 12, 2022 Town Council Meeting. You can find the presentation here, or watch the presentation as part of the May 12th meeting.

The first video below focuses on the powerpoint presentation but the audio quality is not quite as good. The second video has better audio and should allow viewers to hear most of the questions that were asked during the Q&A session, but you may see less detail in the presentation. For this video, we suggest you download the presentation at the links provided above.  Click here for minutes from Public Information Meeting