Middleburg's Wayfinding Signage Program

The Town of Middleburg is excited to announce the development and upcoming installation of a Community Wayfinding Signage System. The Town is in the process of implementing a marketing strategy, which includes branding and a system of branded wayfinding signage to increase visitation and enhance the overall visitor as well as resident experience. The Town has contracted with Frazier Associates from Staunton, Virginia, to aid in the development of the Community Wayfinding Sign System.

Background Information:

Wayfinding signs are intended to help create branding associated with the community while providing directional guidance to key destinations and attractions. Another goal that the wayfinding sign program intends to achieve is the reduction of clutter through the consolidation of road signs.  

Community Wayfinding Signage System:

The design of the Town’s wayfinding system was compiled with Town Staff and a Wayfinding Task Force comprised of four community volunteers’ input; standards and regulations governing street and highway signs; principles of good wayfinding design; identified best practices; and local points of interest. Since Middleburg is a very pedestrian-friendly Town, the wayfinding system is primarily focused on pedestrian kiosks and information stations to foster memorable experiences for both visitors and residents alike. It also is hoped that the system will promote the overall character of quant and historic Middleburg.  Finally, it will incorporate features to ease the location of parking, efficient vehicle flow, and pedestrian orientation.

See the Wayfinding Task Force's Preferred Design at this link.

Wayfinding Gateway JPG