Many Middleburg businesses offered discounts and special promotions for their customers during COVID-19. Most all of our retailers have resumed full operational status; however, you may wish to call ahead to ensure that they are open. All of them are focused on continuing to provide that unique Middleburg shopping experience. You can find all of our Shopping Opportunities in our Business Directory.

If you are unfamiliar with Middleburg, now is a great time to become acquainted. If you are a returning customer, now would be a great time to show some appreciation for your favorite shops. Each image is a link to the individual shop. Enjoy!
Richard Allen Clothing logo
Tully Rector
fun shop sign
Village Backsmith Logo
Middleburg Eccentric Logo
le boudoir logo
highcliffe clothiers logo
Chloe's of Middleburg Logo
mystique jewelers logo
Community Shop Sign
Writing With A Flair
zest logo
loulou boutique logo
Native Barre Logo
Middleburg Pilates
creme de la creme logo
Anther Blue Moon store front
Byrne Gallery
Nature Composed
Business Name Business Website/ Special Offer
Moda Lookbook Link
Nature Composed Link
Zest Link
Native Barre Link
The Fun Shop Link
Richard Allen Clothing Link
Another Blue Moon Link
Byrne Gallery Link
Highcliffe Clothiers Link
Middleburg Eccentric Link
Mystique Jewelers Link
The Community Shop Link
Tully Rector Link
Middleburg Pilates Link
Chloe's of Middleburg Link
Le Boudoir Link
The Village Backsmith Link
Writing With a Flair Link
Creme de la Creme Link
The Christmas Sleigh

The Shaggy Ram

Little Lambkins