Marketing and Branding


As part of the Town of Middleburg’s ongoing efforts to support businesses and improve the local economy, the Mayor and Town Council are proud to present its marketing logo. Middleburg is the ideal place to visit, shop, open a business, and escape from the city. The logo is intended to be used widely by the Town, businesses, and other organizations to collectively advertise the Middleburg experience. It’s important to know that this visual identity in no way replaces an existing logo and does not replace the official Town Seal.

The design is the result of comprehensive input and direction, with the final result being a horse jumping over a stone wall. Each of these aspects have specific connections to Middleburg.

  • The horse in motion represents Middleburg’s activity and spirit with a gentle grace. The horse signifies the importance of the equestrian sporting lifestyle and trade.
  • The stone wall is a part of the tapestry of the surrounding countryside and pays homage to the history and tradition found throughout the Town.
  • The open-style of the design symbolizes the pastoral landscapes surrounding Middleburg, indicating a sense of open space, natural connection, and rural calm.
  • And the date of the Town’s founding emphasizes the rich history of Middleburg and its importance in the Washington DC region.

As with any diverse community, Middleburg means many things to many people. Below are the key themes by which we communicate the unique character and community that is Middleburg.

  • Community: where everyone knows your name and is friendly
  • Relaxation: you can take a deep breath when escaping from suburbia and the day-to-day city life
  • History: there is deep and rich tradition in Middleburg, found in the physical and social connections throughout Town
  • Authenticity: Middleburg exudes the feeling of a true European village, with architecture and streetscapes that support pedestrian activity
  • A Retreat: whether you live here or simply visit, you will enjoy every minute; life slows down and the demands of daily life are left behind

A secondary logo is used in many applications, where the primary logo may not fit or be appropriate. This logo captures the elements of the branding effort while providing a simplified, classy feel.

Notice the letter "M" also contains a "V," representing Middleburg, Virginia. And the stone wall from the primary logo is translated into the circle, creating continuity and a unique approach.

Middleburg-Badge-Logo-RGB PNG

You can read more about the background process to create this marketing logo in this document.