New Town Hall Project


The Town is pleased to provide regular updates on the Town Hall Project. The Town continues working closely with our construction management firm and the general contractor to complete the project as quickly as possible. As of this date (March 10th), the contractor is expecting to complete Phase 1 by May or June 2023, which will allow the Town to move its operations into the new building.

Below are some recent photos from the site:

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Live view of Town Hall Construction Project (pictures update every 5 minutes).


The Town of Middleburg has identified the need to build a new Town Hall to facilitate efficient operations, to provide more public gathering space, and to better serve the public. 

On December 16, 2021, the Town Council awarded the bid for the project to Cooper Building Services, LLC, of Frederick, Maryland.  A contract was signed in the amount of $10.688 million; however, the Town staff and construction management team continue work to identify additional value engineering opportunities to further reduce the price.   Construction is currently underway on Phase 1, which involves the construction of the building itself.  Based on the schedule, the Town staff will move into the new building the last week of 2022, with the facilities opening to the public in January of 2023.  Phase II, which involves the demolition of the existing Town Office building and the construction of a pocket park in its place, is anticipated to be completed in April of 2023.   

Latest Construction Update

The contractor is working on the building foundation.  It is anticipated that the steel work will begin July 5th.

Quick Facts

  • 11,700+/- square feet, includes Administration, Council Chambers, Police Department, Public Meeting Rooms & Public Restrooms
  • Located immediately behind existing Town Office (which will be demolished at end of project to allow for development of a public park)
  • Nearly 1.8 acres, with almost 2 acres of disturbed land for all construction activity
  • 2 public green spaces for passive parks, activities, festivals and events
  • 47 parking spaces to serve the building and Village Green/activities, as well as provide general visitor parking with easy access to downtown area
  • Awarded construction contract:  $10.688 million
  • Primary funding through debt financing, with grant from Loudoun County and potential federal grant
  • Town's current revenues are sufficient to cover the debt service for the project and fund all current Town operations
  • Substantial site work to begin in early February 2022, with building open to public in January 2023.
  • Total project completion in May 2023

Details of Design and Interior Renderings; Groundbreaking Ceremony

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