Grant Opportunities

The Town of Middleburg makes investments in positive change in the town through grant awards to non-profit organizations and institutions of higher learning in Middleburg, subject to the availability of funding.  Grants may be used for special, community or cultural events; programs; activities; capital purchases and other items.  Grants are provided in the form of start-up funding only, in a maximum amount of $5,000, with no organization being awarded more than three annual grants during their lifetime.  

Organizations interested in applying for a Town grant should first review the Town's Grant Policy and attend a Town grant writing workshop or view the grant writing video (currently in development) to determine the requirements associated with Town grants, including the grant criteria that will be used in considering an application.  Applications may only be submitted online using the Town's Grant Application form and should be submitted a minimum of 120 days in advance of the event.


The Town of Middleburg will consider requests to become a  sponsor of a special event that promotes visitation, shopping and dining in Middleburg for events that promote a positive image of the town or for community events that benefit Town residents. 

If you have questions related to Town grant opportunities or wish to present information regarding a sponsorship opportunity for your special event, please contact the Business & Economic Development Director.