Go Green


Go Green is an advisory body to the Town Council on environmental issues. Their goal is to increase community awareness about environmental issues, such as the value of recycling, the importance of preserving water quality and the methods for conserving energy. In addition to its education function, Go Green develops recommendations for environmental action plans.


The Committee meets at 6:00 p.m. on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the Town Office.  


The Town of Middleburg would like to recognize the members for their service on Go Green.

Member Term Expires
Todd Hathaway, Chair 05/12/2021
Kathy Fisher 05/12/2020
Lynne Kaye 05/12/2021
Vacant 05/12/2020
Tonya Taylor 05/12/2020
Mary Woodruff 05/12/2021
Ric Woodie 05/12/2023
Rebecca Poston 05/12/2021
Peter Leonard-Morgan Council Representative