Top 12 Projects

Current Top 12 Projects

  1. Implement Top 3 Strategies of Economic Development Strategy
  2. Implement the Brand.
  3. Develop Workforce Supply Plan.
  4. Develop Systematic Program for Grant Review and Allocation.
  5. Complete Site Acquisition & Development of New Town Office.
  6. Develop Plan of Financing and Communication Outreach around New Town Office Project.
  7. Adopt Sound Fiscal Policies.
  8. Update/Improve the Budget Process.
  9.  Lay Groundwork for Federal Street Redevelopment Using Design Charrette.
  10. Adopt Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Updates.
  11. Aggressively Attack Cluster Zoning Rewrite with the County.
  12. Partner with the County to Ensure Compliance with the Loudoun County and Middleburg Comprehensive Plans Related to the Protective Green Belt around Middleburg.