Top 10 Goals for 2021

Strategic Initiatives

At its Strategic Planning Retreat in January 2020, the Town Council reviewed and revised its Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Key Priorities for the Town of Middleburg government. At that meeting, they identified a number of key projects, initiatives, and actions to focus on in the coming years. Out of that discussion, the Council adopted 12 Strategic Initiatives as top priorities. 

The following year, in February 2021, the Town Council met again to review the Top 12 Strategic Initiatives and determine what had been completed, what should remain, and what may need to be added. The new list of Strategic Initiatives can be found at this link.

Below is the list of the Council's Top 10 projects. If a project has a link associated with it, that will take you to our project tracking software that includes anticipated milestones and key activities, along with expected dates and project timelines.

Current Top 10 Goals for 2021

  1. Create Communications and Outreach to Residents about - and Facilitate Access to - Supplemental Services Related to COVID-19 to Sustain Quality of Life, Health, and Well-Being During the Pandemic
  2. Implement Top 3 Strategies of Economic Development Strategy
  3. Complete Site Acquisition & Development of New Town Office.
  4. Develop Plan of Financing and Communication Outreach around New Town Office Project.
  5. Adopt Sound Fiscal Policies.
  6. Adopt Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Updates.
  7. Aggressively Attack Cluster Zoning Rewrite with the County.
  8. Partner with the County to Ensure Compliance with the Loudoun County and Middleburg Comprehensive Plans Related to the Protective Green Belt around Middleburg.
  9.  Lay Groundwork for Federal Street Redevelopment Using Design Charrette (on hold)
  10. Develop Workforce Supply Plan (on hold)