Tips & Alerts

Counterfeit Bills

Please make sure to check the authenticity of all the bills you receive. There have been several counterfeit bills passed in the Middleburg area during the past several weeks. If you need assistance or tips on how to authenticate a bill please contact the Police Department at 540-687-6633.

Contracting Scams

We caution the citizens to be aware of potential contracting scams. Make sure that all contractors are licensed in Virginia and when in doubt call the police department to verify their legitimacy.

Other Scams

House Cleaners

Please be aware that in the areas around us there have been reports of persons posing as house cleaners. This was also reported in the town of Middleburg last week. However, the home owner did not allow them in and avoided a possible theft. Often they ask to demonstrate their cleaning skills by doing one room for free. Once inside they are able to distract the homeowner and steal various goods from the home. 

One of the suspect vehicles is a Silver Dodge or Plymouth minivan similar to the one in the pic. Do not allow them in your home. Report this and all suspicious activity to the police department.

Phone Scams

Please be aware of possible phone scams. Currently, we have been made aware that someone may be calling claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. any legitimate award will not require you to send money and or divulge any personal information.

And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.